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Examples of typical tasks associated with a conference:


√       Advice on and booking of conference venue, meeting room, conference rooms, technical equipment and catering

√       Booking of hotel rooms - allotment and subsequent name reporting

√       Building the electronic registration system, tailored to the customer

√       Distribution of invitation: including subsequent deployment of updated program and reminder for registration (text provided by the customer)

√       Registration of entries for the conference and confirmation of enrollment

√       Ongoing contact to the conference venue in relation to meeting room facilities, technology and catering

√       Booking of translators

√       Coordination of closing reception or dinner, booking of entertainment

√       Coordination of pre-briefing for presenters

√       Billing to participants. If necessary, reminders for payment and an accounting of the conference

√       Possibly contact to graphics designers, div. layout tasks

√       Possibly chartering of aircraft/helicopters and boating

√       Ongoing follow-up meetings