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Meetings in Greenland

- Outsource your meeting and event planning to Z Meetings!

Leave all the practical details to Z Meetings. Then you and your colleagues can concentrate on setting the agenda and work on all the professional details to ensure a successful meeting, seminar or conference.

Most companies and institutions arrange meetings and seminars where business partners, steering committees, staff or board members are participants. These often take place far away from home.

Concentrate on your own professional sphere

Often, the coordination of meetings and the practical details are produced in-house. Everything from the preparation of documents for the meeting, agenda, documentation and much more are produced and, at the same time, your staff must oversee the many practical details of gathering in a foreign country.

·       Do you want to release staff resources so that the focus is shifted on the professional content?

·       Does your primary competence lie in other fields than organizing a meeting or seminar? 

·       Would you like to have efficient meetings where the focus is on all your own business?

If you can recognize these questions, contact Z Meetings. You can safely leave all the practical details to Z Meetings, including flight and hotel bookings. You can rest assured that we will handle all the practicalities, leaving you time to focus on your agenda and the goal of the meeting.